The History of the Powassan Curling Club


Curling first came to Powassan in 1904 when the Powassan Skating, Hockey and Curling rink was built.  This building was 50 X150 with an additional 12 feet lean on the North side for curling.  This covered rink collapsed in 1914 and curling dissapeared in Powassan for the next 40 years.

Then in 1954, the 'Tin Shed' was built beside the Lions Pool where the tennis court stands today.  This was the beginning of the Powassan Curling Club that is still in exsitance today.  The first bonspiel was held February 1955.  This started as a 2 sheet natural ice club and the artificial ice plant was added for the 1958/59 season.

in 1978 the new 2 sheet facility was built attached to the arena which became the Powassan Sportsplex which is our current location.  

Ice Makers
Past Presidents


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