Ice Makers

The sport of curling has changed dramatacally over the years.  In the early days we were just lucky to have a frozen surface to play on.  If powassan's first facility was a 12 foot lean off the arena then ice makers of the day would have to start with snow shovels before a game.....The 'quality' of that ice as we know it today was not really relevant.  Early ice makers strived to keep a level flat surface that was relatively free of dirt.  Technology and environmental control has granted the Modern ice maker the ability to control all aspects of the playing surface including how much curl we get from the rocks, how 'fast' or 'slow' the ice is etc. etc. etc.  

Ice making and maintenance at our current facility has evolved and in our volunteer environment can not be handled by one individual volunteer.  We now have an ice making team that maintains our curling surface.  This involves scraping the ice daily to keep it clean, level, and keen; and installing the ice in September.  Installation usually involves many more people as a great volunteer effort is needed to paint the ice.

We are proud of our ice and what we achieve with just volunteers.  Each member of our ice crew takes pride in what we have achieved as well.  If you see an issue developing please report it to any one of the crew.  If you are happy with what you see, Please thank an ice maker/maintainer.  It's the only pay we get.


Our current team:

Terry Lang - Head ice technician and Ice team coordinator
Gilbert Smith
Bernie Penney
Peter Gauthier
Matt Plant
Dave Britton

Head Ice Maker History.  The dates of the following list are still a bit unknown and may be in error.  we are starting with a 'best guess' and will make it more accurate as the research happens.

Terry Lang 2017-present
Al Borden aprox 2006 to 2016
John Georgie  Aprox 1992 until aprox 2012
Reg Topham  Aprox 1987 until aprox 1992
Ted Linquist  unknown until aprox 1987