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Extended Festive Curling Break


In response to rapidly increasing Covid-19 case numbers over the festive holiday season and the Omicron Variant Of Concern (VOC) the Provincial government has changed gathering capacity limits and halted amateur indoor sports activities. Therefore all curling leagues will be on an extended break until at least the 31st of January 2022.

We will continue with ice maintenance and assess the situation the week before January 31st 2022, to determine our course of action for the resumption of curling. Registered curlers will be notified by their drawamsters accordingly.

All Curling Club rentals have been halted until further notice. We thank all members for their patience during this difficult period.

Stay safe and healthy.


Men's League Starts November 25th 2021

Men's League play is usually delayed due to hunting season. This year it will commence on Thursday November 25th. We are currently without a draw master for this league, and as such teams and draw times are not yet assigned. If you would like to volunteer as draw master for this league please advise an executive member.

Curling Now Underway

Today is October 18th 2021 and league play commenced with the Day/Seniors league. Other leagues will be starting this week as well. The ice looks great, thanks to all those volunteers who spent countless hours getting it ready. Hurry hard.

2021 Annual General Meeting

President’s Remarks

Our last Annual General Meeting was September 11th 2019. Since then the world and life changed with the Coronavirus Covid-19 Global Pandemic. We did not have an Annual Meeting in 2020 and were very busy trying to adapt the game of curling and related social aspects to the required health policies, protocols, and procedures. This changed not only the social nature of our club, but the game of curling as well. Some members chose to come and curl in these physically distanced times, while others did not. 

Our season was cut short due to the ongoing Covid -19 pandemic in January 2021. Members were offered a dues incentive if we were forced to terminate the season early, and we hope all those members will return to help rebuild our membership.  We were also successful in getting a rent rebate on our lease agreement with the Municipality of Powassan. I would like to thank those Municipality of Powassan council members who supported this rebate. 

We are currently operating outside of our current lease agreement, which ended December 2020. We have applied for a one-year lease extension while we enter into discussions regarding a new lease agreement. The next four years will be financially challenging as our yearly rent cost could increase and be greater than our current membership can sustain.

There are a core group of people volunteering huge amounts of their time to keep this club viable and the sport of curling available and affordable in the Municipality of Powassan. Some take on multiple volunteer roles within the club. I would like to thank all those volunteers who contribute their time so we can offer the sport of curling within the community. We always could use additional volunteers. 

Executive members keep the club operational on many different levels and need support and thanks, so I would like to recognize their efforts first. Since our last Annual Meeting we have been without a Secretary and this has been challenging as we try to move forward. We will need additional members to take on executive roles going ahead. New people will bring different ideas and solutions to make the club sustainable.  

Thanks to Ron Hurley, Amber Winters, Cyndy Giesler, Gerry Giesler, Randy Brousseau, and Terry Lang.

Ultimately we need ice, so Terry Lang, Gilbert Smith and a dedicated core group of ice makers and maintenance crew have to be commended for their work and quality of our ice. Terry Lang also manages our website.

The bar committee is headed by Randy Brousseau. He coordinates stocking the bar, licencing, servers, bar profits, reporting back to the AGCO etc. 

Bernie Penney also assisted with ice making, ice maintenance, the Newsletter, e-mails to members, marketing, and media articles.

Cyndy Giesler looked after Facebook posts, treasurer duties and ran free instructional clinics.

Cyndy has indicated that she will be relinquishing her role as treasurer so we will need someone to take that on.

I dealt with all club rentals for curling and non-curling events. Ann Oshell has been assisting by inspecting the club and kitchen after rentals. There have been no rentals during the past season due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Junior Curling League organizers and instructors were Amber, and Jeremy Winters. The Junior Curling program was not offered during the 2020/2021 season and will likely not be offered again this upcoming season. Amber and Jeremy have decided to give up the organization and instruction of the junior program. I would like to thank them for their dedication and time to run this worthwhile program. We are also looking for people to volunteer and run this program. 

Thanks go out to our draw masters Dennis Lawrence, Sue Brousseau, Gerry Giesler, and Gerri Van Amelsfoort who organized teams and league play. Denis has indicated he will be stepping down as the senior drawmaster so we need someone to take on that role. Many thanks to Dennis for his dedication to this important role.

We continue to promote safe curling and in particular having the right equipment. To that end we have been promoting the use of headgear that’s protects and reduces head and brain injury if a fall occurs on the ice. If you historically did not wear head protection I encourage you to do so. There are several headgear options available for injury prevention. Proper footwear and grippers are the other important aspect of safe movement on the ice surface. Be proactive with members of your team and new curlers if you feel their footwear is inadequate. Membership registration and liability forms speak about the need for personal safety.

Previously we identified that our club constitution document required updating. This has been ongoing by a dedicated group of individuals. I’m pleased to announce that a draft document has been submitted for legal review. The document was sent to Valin Partners Law firm as requested by the membership. Correspondence resulting from that review is part of this meeting agenda.

Our senior curlers play a vital role in keeping this club viable. Thanks to the senior league representative Ron Hurley and all the senior league members for their continued support.

We have tried to increase our fundraising revenue through partnering with the Powassan Lions Club during the Maple Syrup Festival and Fish Fry events. Unfortunately, both these events have been cancelled for the last two years now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The curling club supplies volunteers for both events and we get proportional funds instead rather than a flat rate rental fee based on the number of volunteers we supply. 

During the summer months the Curling Club is underutilized, but we still pay a monthly rent to the Municipality. Solutions to this dilemma are welcome so we can generate additional income during the summer.

This coming season you will again see paid advertising from local businesses on the ice surface. This is a fundraising initiative that increases our revenue. The senior league continues to raise funds that support improvements inside our facility. 

Like it, or not, Coronavirus vaccination certificates are now a reality in Ontario. Vaccination is a personal choice, but not being fully vaccinated against Coronavirus will make it difficult to participate in certain activities. Sports and curling are no exception, and members will need to be fully vaccinated to enter the facility and participate this season. Our revised membership forms for this season reflect the requirement for Covid-19 vaccination. 

I am hopeful that vaccinations will change this global pandemic and we can get back to some sort of normalcy once children under twelve have been fully inoculated. Until then we will do the best with what we have, and get back to the game of curling.

Items that require further work 

  1. Growing club membership. 
  2. Increasing revenue streams
  3. Expanding our volunteer base including executive roles



Ice Making Underway

Ice is currently being made, white paint has been applied, and house circles cut. We anticipate over the next week colour painting to commence and individual sheet lines to be added. 

The ice preparation is almost complete and we are in the process of cleaning up and getting ready to curl.

2021/2022 Curling Season Registration

It's already the end of August and time to start making ice for the coming curling season. The Curling Club executive has decided to move forward and start making ice in hopes that we can have a more "normal" curling season. Ice preparations will begin immediately after the Labour Day long weekend. 

The Powassan Curling Club will therefore be holding registration for the coming 2021-2022 season on two separate evenings.

The first session will be Wednesday September 8th, 2021 at 250 Clark Street in Powassan between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. 

The second session will be held prior to the Powassan Curling Club Annual General Meeting on Thursday September 23rd, 2021 at the Curling Club building between 5:00pm and 7:00pm.

Having said that we still do not have an end in sight to this global pandemic we are experiencing. Health protocols including masking, physical distancing, and hand washing are not going away any time soon. Vaccines will hopefully stop the majority of people from getting really sick and requiring hospital care. Curling this season will again involve following some Covid health protocols, although there may be some changes.

We are in the process of reviewing and revising our Covid pandemic protocols, and registration forms. This includes evolving developments around proof of vaccination status and so called "vaccine passports". Updated registration forms are available below for members to print and complete prior to registering in person.

We are hopeful that our entire membership will come out and curl with us this season.

The three forms are required to complete registration are listed below.

Click here to download Declaration of Compliance Covid-19 form 

Click here to download 2021/2022 Membership form

Click here to download Release of Liabilty form

Membership dues have been updated and listed on the membership form above.

Membership dues can be paid by cheque made payable to Powassan Curling Club, cash, or by electronic funds transfer to:

The E-transfer security question answer will be available at registration. Please include a note of what your paying for ie.  One Regular Adult Membership. 

League game play start times, game format and rule changes will be determined once our registration process is complete. This will then be communicated to draw masters and registered members.  

As of September 22nd, 2021 vaccine certificates came into effect in the Province of Ontario. Members will be required to show proof of full Covid-19 vaccination in order to enter the curling club facilty and curl this season. The only exemptions are a medical note from a doctor, or children under the age of twelve.

Annual General Meeting

The Powassan Curling Club will be having an Annual General Meeting on September 23rd, 2021 starting at 7:00pm.

Members can attend in person, or virtually via the internet. Instructions on how to access and participate in the meeting will be forwarded by email and posted on this website in due course. Members will be asked to register ahead of the meeting so we have a record of who attended.

Members attending in person will be required to follow current Covid health protools.

Members who wish to add an item to the meeting agenda, and speak to a matter, are asked to advise of the agenda item no later than September 20th, 2021. Agenda topics should be forwarded to the attention of Andrew Emmerson - President.

2020/2021 Curling Season Early Conclusion

Due to circumstances beyond our control we must conclude our 2020/2021 season earlier than planned. The ongoing state of emergency in Ontario has caused the Municipality of Powassan to reevaluate the financial implications of maintaining ice for the remainder of this season. As a result the Sportsplex and Curling Club ice plants are being turned off to save taxpayer dollars. The Curling Club executive, ice crew and many volunteers worked hard to get curling underway amid a global pandemic. We appreciate everyone who registered and came out to curl during challenging times. We look forward to welcoming back all curlers when we able to do so.

Facility rentals are still on hold for the foreseeable future. The building will remain closed with no public access until further notice. 


Return-To-Play & Registration Update

On Tuesday October 6th 2020 Municipality of Powassan Council members approved the start up of ice making equipment for the Sportsplex and Powassan Curling Club. While this is good news for those who wish to return-to-play this season, there is substantial work to do before members can begin to curl in any league play.

Returning club members are encouraged to remove personal items and curling equipment they require from club lockers during one of the registration dates. Access to locker rooms and individual lockers may be restricted and closed for the season duration. Curlers will be required to bring personal equipment to the club for each game and then take it home.

Curlers will be required to attend and register in person, present, or complete the required documentation and pay membership dues before being added to any league roster. We intend on emailing all the required forms and also having them available on this website so curlers can review, print and complete them prior to attending one of the registration sessions. There will also be forms available at registration. In order to keep the registration process as short as possible, to facilitate social distancing, and comply with indoor gathering limits we suggest members complete the forms prior to attending. 

Members will need to complete;

1) Powassan Curling Club Membership Form

2) Declaration Of Compliance - Covid-19 Form

3) Release Of Liability, Waiver Of Claims and Indemnity Agreement Form

Membership dues have been updated and are listed on the membership form above. 

Membership dues can be paid by cheque made payable to Powassan Curling Club, cash, or by electronic funds transfer to:

The E-transfer security question answer will be available at registration. Please include a note of what your paying for ie.  One Regular Adult Membership. 

League game play start times, game format and rule changes will be determined once our registration process is complete. This will then be communicated to draw masters and registered members.  

Further updates will be posted here. 


Membership Survey and Return-To-Play

This is an update in regards to the membership survey that was recently conducted and where we are currently situated for return-to-play. The survey responses indicated that approximately 80% of our members would like curl this season. The club executive has decided to move forward in preparation for opening the club and return-to-play amid the current social gathering restrictions and health guidelines.

We ultimately need ice to curl, and are waiting for the Municipality of Powassan to make a decision on starting the ice making plant at the Powassan Sportsplex. This decision may happen next week. We continue to move forward with our reopening plan and preparations with hope that we can make ice next week.

Registration to curl will be somewhat different this year. Necessary forms must be completed and payment of membership fees received before an individual can curl in any league. We intend on having all required forms available on our website so curlers can review, print and complete them prior to attending one of the registration sessions.

Some of our club members indicated in the survey they would not be curling this year, but would donate money towards keeping the club viable. This will be a challenging year financially for the club so going forward any monetary support would be greatly appreciated.

Further updates and instructions will be communicated in due course once the decision on ice has been made.



March Newsletter

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